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Shopify’s Caching For Shipping Methods

Shopify has a shipping cache mechanism. Under this, when specific combination of products in the Cart and Shipping Address whose rates are already fetched is requested again from the same device, the same previous (cached) result is taken into consideration. If there are any changes in the shipping rate, they will NOT get reflected unless that cached data is expired or there is a change in products or address.


Solution: In order to make your new shipping rates visible, you need to modify anyone of these – shipping address/ first name/last name/phone number/zip code and simply click on the ‘Continue to shipping method’ button. This will help you make your new rates visible.


Changes in Fulfillment Services

Shopify caches the Fulfillment Services on its server. Whenever the Fulfillment Services are modified, it takes time for the changes to get reflected in the shipping calculation.


Primary Parcel’s calculations are based on the data obtained from Shopify. If the details are not obtained in Shopify request or if old data is provided, then calculations will differ from actuals. Primary Parcel has no control over the same.


For example – If the Fulfillment service X is modified to Y by store admin or external script but if Shopify’s cache is not refreshed then shipping rates will be shown of X and not Y until the cache is removed.


Product Variant Updates

For Metafield, product’s variant ID is used. This has to be consistent to show accurate results whenever the product is updated. It should be a practice to update the product with the variant id and not product id so that the data is consistent.


When You Get The Below Errors:

For Example – While calculating shipping rates for United States –

Error 1 – “Error: Zip is not valid for United States.”

Solution 1 – Check if the zip code is valid.


Error 2 – “We do not ship to this destination.”

Solution 2 – Check the below points


1) If you are using our 14 Days Free Trial Plan in S’Test Mode’, ensure the S’First Name’ at checkout is S’Test’.


2) If your trial plan is expired and you have not upgraded to a paid plan, then Primary Parcel will switch to “Test Mode” and rates will not be visible to customers.


If above 2 points are in place, check the below:

3) Make sure that the products are mapped properly with the Fulfillment Services

4) Zones are mapped within the app

5) Fulfillment Services are configured within the app

6) Method is created and enabled for the products

7) If Common rates are used, then the method corresponding to the Common rate is mapped


Error 3 – When wrong rates are visible or specific rates are not visible in the calculations –

  1. Check if rates are coming from Primary Parcel app and not any other app.
  2. Check if the products are mapped with exact Fulfillment Services.
  3. Check your method name and the values in the Fulfillment Services.
  4. Cross check your rate calculations.
  5. Make sure the discounts and interest are considered in your calculations.
  6. If product’s Fulfillment Services are recently updated, there are chances of old rates being reflected due to Shopify cache. In such a case, try after some time or modify the address or zip code and try again.
  7. Make sure the combined rates are considered when products of different Fulfillment Services are under consideration.
  8. Check if profit margin is enabled and those calculations are understood well.


If you are still unable to solve the issue or if you have any other queries, contact our customer support with respective screenshots along with below details:

  • Store name
  • Product Name and Quantity in cart
  • Complete Address
  • Country
  • State
  • Zip code