Some Greener Shipping Strategies For Your E-Commerce Business

We are not alien to the rising concern of global warming today. Being a responsible citizen and organization, it’s our duty to mould our lifestyle and business practices towards a more eco-friendly manner.

The entire process of shipping also plays an important role in emitting pollution whether it’s by sea, air or land. But there are multiple ways in which the shipping industry can contribute in the betterment of the environment, some of which are listed in this article.

Go For Eco-Friendly Packaging

Using environment-friendly packaging products like recycled hardboard, paper, and replacing plastic with corn-starch packaging and/or organic materials is the need of the hour. Once you decide to switch to a greener alternative for your shipment packaging process, you will find innumerable options in market through some basic research.

Associate with Eco-Friendly Shipping Companies

If you have outsourced or are planning to outsource your packaging function, find shipping companies that adhere to eco-friendly packaging practices to work with. When one organization takes a pledge to do their bit for the environment, others are bound to follow.

Well-Planned Return Policy

Better and clearer the return policy, lesser the wastage with respect to packaging, fuel, pollution emissions and the chain continues. For instance, if a customer receives a defective product, you can send the new without requesting to return the old one. This helps in saving the return shipment cost and its consequent pollution.

Other Initiatives

Even the biggest and most eco-friendly shipping companies might leave some amount of carbon footprint. By keeping a regular check on your carbon emissions you can set a great example of carbon offsetting and inspire others to do the same. Keeping your packaging sizes as small as possible, scheduling a pick-up (if the truck or vehicle is on the way) instead of driving to a shipment vendor are some of the many small ways in which you can go can eco-friendly in your shipping practices.

Search some eco-friendly shipping ideas, work on it and get going towards a greener approach.

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