Shipping Method By Weight

This rule type offers shorthand to setup variable weight shipping prices without having to build out a long table:

For example, a customer has selected two products of same Fulfillment Services. Total weight of the products in the bag is 10 Pounds(lbs), and the rate is set as “First Pound(lbs) – $1”, “Price per Additional Pound(lbs) – $2”. So as per this setting, the total Shipment Cost will be (1*1) + (9*2) = 1+18 = $19.


Other fields required when adding a Weight based pricing:

  • Display Title – Name of the Rate.
  • Message displayed below with display title in smaller font – any additional message for the customer when this rate is being displayed, e.g. Order before 14:00 EST and order will be dispatched the same day.
  • Optional Additional Charge for this method – add if there are any additional charges over and above the shipment cost, e.g. packaging, handling etc.
  • Optional Discount in percent for this method – any discount to be offered on this rate, the discount will be added as a percentage, and will be calculated on the total cost after shipment cost is added. This charge is deducted once for all items belonging to that particular method in cart.
  • Set to Free Shipping over certain amount – enter the minimum order total amount above which you want to allow Free Shipping. This will be applicable only when the cart/order contains items of a certain Fulfillment Service.
  • Max Transit Time for this method – The number of business days for the delivery of selected product.
  • Status – Whether this rate is to be enabled/disabled for calculation.