Shipping Method By Item

This is a common rule type used by Fulfillment providers. Usually the first item costs the most to ship, but subsequent items that ship in the same box cost additionally less.

For example, there are a total of 4 items in an order (for the same Fulfillment Service). So the Shipping Rate displaying to the customer will be: (1*10) + (3*5) = 10+15 = $25.


This rate is calculated based on the number of items in a cart. As the number of items increase in a cart, the shipment cost will also add up.


Additional fields required when adding an Item based rate:

  • Display Title – Name of the Rate.
  • Message displayed below with display title in smaller font – any additional message for the customer when this rate is being displayed, e.g. Order before 14:00 EST and order will be dispatched the same day.
  • Optional Additional Charge for this method – add if there are any additional charges over and above the shipment cost, e.g. packaging, handling etc.
  • Optional Discount in percent for this method –any discount to be offered on this rate, the discount will be added as a percentage, and will be calculated on the total cost after Shipment is added. This charge is deducted once for all items belonging to this method in cart.
  • Set to Free Shipping when amount is over – enter the minimum order total amount above which you want to allow Free Shipping. This will be applicable only when the cart/order contains items of a certain Fulfillment Service.
  • Max Transit Time for this method – The number of business days for the delivery of selected product.
  • Status – Whether this rate is to be enabled/disabled for calculation.