Set Up Pre-Requisites

Before we start to guide you with the detailed set-up process, here are some pre-requisites that will simplify your setup experience. However if this step is missed, then Primary Parcel’s On-demand sync or automatic sync can fulfill these requisites on your behalf.


This is for first time users


Create Fulfillment Services

With respect to Primary Parcel, Fulfillment Services are used to refer to a group of products which have common behavior. For example, fragile items will be one Fulfillment Service and Oversized Items will be another. Fulfillment Services and Zone will be required to create shipping methods.

To add a Fulfillment Service:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click on Shipping
  3. Click on ‘Manage Services’ placed at the end of the page.
  4. Under ‘Custom Order Fulfillment’, click on ‘Add Custom Fulfillment Service’.
  5. Enter the name/title of the Fulfillment Service and an email id.
  6. To Save, click ‘Add Fulfillment Service’.
  7. The above steps will add the Fulfillment Service to the list. You can add as many Fulfillment Services as
    you need at the time of setup or at a later stage.
Assign Products to Fulfillment Services

All products which are to be shipped using the added Fulfillment Services need to be allocated/assigned
under these custom Fulfillment Services. To add any product under the created
Fulfillment Service:

  1. Click on Products (From the Shopify Menu).
  2. Click on a Product Name.
  3. Under the Shipping Section on the product page, there is a Fulfillment Service section.
  4. Select the related Fulfillment Service for the selected product.
  5. Save the changes.

Following the above steps will assign the Product to the Fulfillment Service. So, now whenever this
particular product is selected by your customer; the Shipment Rates will be calculated as per the
method defined in that particular Fulfillment Service for that particular Shipping Zone and will be shown
at checkout. You can change the assigned Fulfillment Services as per your requirement.


Add Shipping Zones

The shipment rates are always based on Zones. Depending on the Zone the shipment belongs to,
shipping prices will vary. Primary Parcel also requires you to setup Shipment Zones and assign them with
the Primary Parcel App. This will be useful when adding shipment rates. Only the Zones which have
Primary Parcel selected for calculating the shipment rates will show up under Manage Fulfillment
Services. To add a new zone:

  1. Click on ‘Shopify Settings’.
  2. Go to ‘Shipping’.
  3. Click on ‘Add Shipping’ Zone.
    1. Enter the Zone Name, e.g. United States
    2. Add States under the Zone e.g. Arizona, Arkansas etc.
    3. Ignore the Price based rates and weight based rates, if you would like Primary Parcel to calculate the shipping rates for this Zone
    4. Under Calculated Rates, click on ‘Add Rate’
      1. Select a Carrier as ‘Primary Parcel’
      2. And click on ‘Done’
  4. After saving, you will see the added Zone under the Shipping Zones.
Meta Fields

Use additional product attributes (Metafields) to define product-wise, state-wise and shipping method-wise restrictions and to offer real-time shipping discounts. Learn More.