Set Up Overview

You can set up shipment rates based on different methods of calculation. There will not be any rates mentioned beforehand if you are a first time user. If you are visiting this page after adding the rates, you can edit them as well. To Add a New Rate, click on ‘Add New Method’, this will display 4 methods of calculation:

  • By Weight
  • By Price
  • By Items
  • Third Party Service

Select any of the above to setup the Shipment Rates. You can also add Shipment Rates for multiple methods. So, when all the products in cart are of a single Fulfillment Service and for the selected Zone, then all the added rates will be displayed and the customer can select their preferred shipment rate.


Read below the definition of each method.


By Weight:

Set shipping rates for the 1st Pound(lbs) and for every additional Pound(lbs) added to the cart. This rule type offers shorthand to setup variable weight shipping prices without having to build out a long table. Learn more with example


By Price:

Primary Parcel provides you the flexibility to define a minimum and maximum shipping cost. You can charge a percentage of the product price as the shipping cost if it falls under the defined maximum and minimum limit. Learn more with example


By Items:

Set shipping rates for the 1st product and for every additional product added to the cart. This is a common rule type used by Fulfillment providers. Usually the first item costs the most to ship, but subsequent items that ship in the same box cost additionally less. Learn more with example


Third Party Services:

We’re currently integrated with Fedex and UPS for international shipment.Learn more


Blended Rate

When there are multiple Fulfillment Services in a cart, the blended rate will be displayed at checkout. The app will add together the preferred methods from each Fulfillment Service in a cart and display a blended rate. Learn more


Blended Rule (Combined Free Shipping)

In a scenario where a customer has products in his cart which belongs to different Fulfillment Services but same Zone, you can allow them Free Shipping on the total amount of both the Fulfillment Services. Learn more


Global Settings
Change Mode

Using this, you can change the mode of Primary Parcel from Test to Live and vice versa. For instance, when you want to add a method or modify the rates, you might want to check it before going live. Primary Parcel gives you the flexibility to alter modes multiple times.


Cutoff Time

This setting allows you to set a cutoff time before which if an order is received, it would be dispatched the same day. Let your customers know, that they have an option to get their package shipped on the same day.


Third Party Shipment

All third Party Shipment Services will be listed here, and you can configure the ones applicable for your store. These services will be applicable for all the products you ship. This configuration will help us pull out the relevant information regarding 3rd Party Shipment to display to your customers at checkout. Learn more


Re-configuration of products to Custom Fulfillment service

If any product is not assigned to a Fulfillment Service (Shopify), it has to be re-assigned to a Custom Fulfillment Service for the rates to be calculated and visible to the customer.


When Method or Zone is not configured

If no method is defined for a Fulfillment service or a Zone, then Primary Parcel app will not be able to calculate and display any rates. Due to this, the following message will be displayed to your customer at checkout-`We do not ship to this destination` the customer will be shown.


On Demand Sync

This section will allow you to sync your Products, Fulfillment Services and Zones. If you have recently added a new Product, Fulfillment Service or a Zone, although automatic sync will match all the data with our backend as soon as it is updated; but if required you can manually sync the new information to display in Primary Parcel. Click on the ‘Sync Now’ button in front of each service to manually sync the data.


Transit Time and Warehouse

Transit time is used for calculating the time required for the product to reach the destined state
from your nearest warehouse. Delivery date on the checkout is calculated by using the end
transit time and the greatest lead time of the products in cart. Default Max Transit Time is used
if state wise transit time is not mentioned.


Note:Primary Parcel App Supports Warehouses located in USA Only.