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Simplifying Your Shipping Calculations For Easy Checkout And Quick Conversions!

Show The Exact Delivery Date

Primary Parcel allows you to enter your product’s lead time and transit time and display the estimated delivery date. This helps in reducing your pre-fulfillment cancellations.

Additional Handling/Operational Cost

Primary Parcel Shopify shipping app allows you to add any additional handling or packaging charges in the shipping cost which is displayed at checkout.

Product, Method and Zone Restrictions

Prevent specific products from being shipped to specific Zones or prevent specific methods from being shown as shipment options for select products.

Have Complete Control Over Your Shipping Methods!

1. Calculation By Weight

Set shipping rates for the 1st Pound(lbs) and for every additional Pound(lbs) added to the cart. For example, one product weighing 4lbs, the shipping cost would be $10 + $1 + $1 + $1 = $13

First Pound(lbs) Each Additional Pound(lbs)
$10 $1

2. Calculation By Number Of Products

Set shipping rates for the 1st product and for every additional product added to the cart. For example, the shipping cost of 3 products added to the cart would be $10 + $5 + $5 = $20

First Product Each Additional Product
$10 $5

3. Calculation By Product Price

Primary Parcel provides you the flexibility to define a minimum and maximum shipping cost. You can charge a percentage of the product price as the shipping cost if it falls under the defined maximum and minimum limit.

If it falls below the minimum limit, the customer will be charged the minimum amount set. If it goes beyond the maximum limit, the customer will be charged the maximum amount set.

Learn more with example.

Set a common rule when multiple Fulfillment Services match the product price eligible for free shipping or exclude methods for free shipping.

The app lets you set a minimum cart value above which the shipping can be free. A product from a particular Fulfillment Service might not be eligible for free shipping as per it’s defined method, but when combined with products from different Fulfillment Services, can be qualified for free shipping.
Discounted Shipping

Define your minimum profit percentage within Primary Parcel and pass on the remaining profit as a shipping discount to your customer. Discounted or Free Shipping acts as a great tool to acquire and retain customers.

Custom Communication At Checkout

Primary Parcel lets you add a custom message for each shipping method allowing you to communicate with your customers.

Third Party Rates

For International Shipments, we're currently integrated with Fedex and UPS when a customer selects this shipment method.

Advanced Shipping Rate Calculator With Fully Tailored Shipping Methods!

Primary Parcel is a complete package for all your shipping calculation needs. Available on Shopify Store, it adds quantifiable value to your business with its highly customizable and real time shipping rate calculation methods.

When every little cost is accounted for while calculating the shipping rates, your profits are safeguarded and your customer gets the best negotiated shipping price and experience.

Customize Shipping Methods

Add Meta Fields to products and simplify your complex shipping calculations

Customer Service

All your queries are handled promptly to help you save on time and effort

Offer Same Day Dispatch

Show cutoff time for same day dispatch when product lead time is zero

Multiple Zones - Different Methods

Define different shipping methods in each zone and use them to determine zone-wise shipping cost

Upgrade Or Downgrade Price Plans

Switch your pricing plans to a level higher or lower on the basis of Zones created, Fulfillment Services used and number of products

Exact Transit Time

Calculate the exact transit time from your warehouse location to the customers’ by
entering your warehouse details in the app

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