Meta Fields Configuration

If you want to use additional features of Primary Parcel for defining restrictions – product-wise, state-wise, international or air, or if you want to calculate profit percentage then Meta Field needs to be mapped.


In Primary Parcel these Metafields can be used to set up Cost and for allowing discount to users. To visit: go to Global Setting > Configure Product Metafield Setting. Under this section, you will view various fields, where you will need to enter the name of the set Metafield.


To set a Metafield, you need to enter the following information:


  • Namespace – A category or container that differentiates your metadata from other metafields.
  • Key – The name of the metafield.
  • Value – The content of the Metafield. In most cases, the value is what will be displayed on the storefront or used by the app.

Metafields can be added under each Product. To add a Metafield, go to Products > ‘Product Name’ > More Actions > Edit Metafields


After setting up Metafields under all your Products, visit ‘Configure Metafields’ under ‘Global Settings’ and configure the Metafields added under your products for the system to use the information.


Product Metafield Configuration


None of the fields are mandatory. If your site is already configured with Metafields, you have to map the parameters (shown above in the screenshot) in Namespace and Key format so Primary Parcel can automatically pull the related field information.