Introduction To Primary Parcel – Shipping Rate Calculation App for Shopify Merchants

Primary Parcel is an application which helps Shopify merchants simplify and fasten their shipping rate calculations. With a variety of methods and rules, you can customize your shipping rates as per your business requirement and save yourself the errors, time and cost when done manually.

While simplifying your shipping calculations, Primary Parcel also allows you to offer the best negotiated shipping rates to your customers, leading to more sales and profits.

It allows you to calculate shipping rates and create your own shipping methods using either the weight, number or price of products (in cart).

It also lets you design your own method and calculate on the basis of third party rates like Fedex and UPS for international shipments only.

Top 3 Awesome Features

Display a Blended Rate
It shows a single blended rate to your customers at checkout when a single cart order contains products from varied fulfillment services with the help of pre-defined rules (which you define). This makes it easy and prevents confusion for both – you and your customer.

Show Exact Delivery Date
Primary Parcel allows you to use Metafields in order to define your shipping method’s lead time and transit time. By defining this, you can show the exact delivery date to your customer at checkout. The probability of a purchases increases when a customer knows the exact delivery date.

Offer Real-Time Shipping Discounts
Similar to the above feature, Metafields also lets you define a minimum profit percentage you would want to maintain and pass on the remaining profit as a shipping discount to your customers. This creates a win-win situation for both – you and your customer.

We’re here to un-complicate your shipping calculations with our powerful and significant features, so that you can focus on what you do best!

More Benefits of Using Primary Parcel

Make More Profit
Automating your shipping calculations leads to lesser errors and in turn lesser losses. Define your shipping methods, rules and various other charges with Primary Parcel and up your profitability game.

Customized Price Plan
Primary Parcel has a subscription plan for businesses at every level. Whether you’re a start-up, mid-level or a time-honored organization, we’ve got you a plan that helps you stay aligned to your business goals. Our dedicated team is just a call or email away to make you a customized pricing plan.

Excellent Customer Support
Our trained and efficient customer support team would help you in not just setting up the application but also to start using Primary Parcel. Whether it’s about a billing plan, technical assistance or pre-purchase queries, our experts’ team will be there to solve all your issues throughout.

Optimize Your Shipping Rules And Calculate Shipping Rates in the easiest way with
Primary Parcel!

Let us help you start customizing and simplifying complex shipping methods and calculations.

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