How Can You Lower Your Shopify Shipping Costs for Your E-Commerce Store!

There are multiple things which bring down your e-commerce business profitability, one of them being your shipping costs.  No matter how big or small your Shopify e-commerce store is, you definitely want to achieve the best shipping rates for your business and your customers.

When your shipping costs are minimal, not just your e-commerce business profit blooms but it also opens door to new customers who are shipping-cost conscious.

Some of these simple and easy to implement shipping strategies would help you curb down your shipping related costs.

Best negotiated rates from third party

If your Shopify store is integrated with third party like Fedex and UPS and uses shipping rates provided by them, get the best negotiated ones. Lesser the delivery charges, higher the customer’s inclination to buy the product.

Reuse packaging which you receive

While you are analyzing your shipping costs, take a deep look into your packaging. How much do you spend on the cartons, bubble wraps or crinkle paper to prepare one final shipment? Is there a way you can reduce it or re-use the ones you receive?

Being an e-commerce business, you must be constantly receiving packages of your own. For instance, when you order your inventory and other regular business supplies, what do you do with the package in which the supply has been delivered to you? Can’t they be re-used in your shipping process instead of throwing them away? It’s the little things that can help you save costs.

Include shipping cost in your product cost

Who doesn’t love Free Shipping? But it isn’t actually free. It’s true that free shipping is a great marketing tool for your e-commerce business but it’s not just free shipping that gets you customer conversion. Even if you offer a really clear flat shipping rate, say 4$ for example – chances are customers would still buy the product as they know what exactly they’re paying when they hit the checkout button.

A trusted shipping rate calculation app

If you are making losses or unable to figure out a way to calculate the best shipping rates, get a trusted Shopify shipping rate calculator app.

For instance, Primary Parcel – Shipping calculation app for U.S Shopify merchants allows you to calculate shipping rates and create your own customized shipping methods using either the weight, number or price of products (in cart) or on the basis of third party rates like Fedex and UPS. The app has been designed to simplify and solve all your shipment related business complications. | Ph: +1- (518) 380-2799 |

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