Connection To Shopify

The installation, user manual and troubleshooting guides will assist you with entire installation process and help you get started with Primary Parcel.

Set Up Pre-Requisites

Before we start with the detailed set-up process, here are some pre-requisites to be fulfilled to simplify your setup experience.

Set Up Overview

You can set up shipment rates based on different methods of calculation. There will not be any rates mentioned beforehand if you are a first time user.

Shipping Method By Weight

This rule type offers shorthand to setup variable weight shipping prices by setting rates for the 1 st Pound and for every additional pound added to the cart.

Shipping Method By Price

Primary Parcel provides you the flexibility to define a minimum and maximum shipping cost. You can charge a percentage of the product price,

Shipping Method By Item

This is a common rule type used by fulfillment providers. Set rates for the 1 st product and for every additional product added to the cart.

Third Party/Carrier Rates

Primary Parcel is currently integrated with Fedex and UPS for international shipment. When customer selects this method, actual third party rates will display at checkout.

Blended Rates

Primary Parcel displays a Blended Rate at checkout when different products from multiple Fulfillment Services are selected by the customer.

Editing Common Rule

Offer Free Shipping to your customer on the totaled amount when selected products belong to different Fulfillment Services.

Meta Fields Configuration

Use additional features of Primary Parcel for defining certain restrictions or to calculate profit percentage by mapping the Meta Fields.


Due to Shopify's cache mechanism, changes in the shipping rate is not reflected till the cached data is expired or there's a change in products or address.

Release Notes

Define Shipping Method.
Unlimited Free Trial on Test Mode.
Offer Free Shipping To Your Customer.
Improve Business Profitability.

Percent Profit Margin

You can use this feature when you want to offer discounts on certain products while maintaining a minimum profit margin.


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