Fulfillment Services

Can I create methods without using Fulfillment Services?

No. The Primary Parcel is currently configured to use Fulfillment Services only for creating methods.

What happens when I don’t create any methods in Fulfillment Services for a Zone?

The app will not be able to calculate and show any rates to your customer at checkout for that particular Fulfillment Service in that Zone.


I added a rate and it’s not showing at checkout. Why?

This may happen due to various reasons. You should read our Troubleshooting Section and learn about the multiple reasons due to which your rates may not be getting reflected at checkout.

Why only one rate is shown when products from multiple groups are there in an order?

When a cart consists of products which belong to different Fulfillment Services, Primary Parcel will add together the preferred methods from each Fulfillment Service in the cart and display a blended rate. Learn more about Blended Rates.

The carrier rates mentioned in the app differ from the rates in carrier’s website. Why?

Whilst comparing Primary Parcel App shipping rates to the ones on carriers website, please do ensure that all details on the carrier website (such as shipping addresss, zip(postal) code, shipping location, weight and dimensions of the product(s) are entered correctly. If any of these details are incorrectly entered on the carriers website (UPS, FedEX), the rates will differ.

How can I view the rates in Test Mode at checkout?

You need to use the word ‘Test’ as first name in Test Mode to help you check your rates from the app. However, if you have configured to show rates in the cart page as well, then the rates will not be visible in Test Mode.

Payment, Billing and Plans

Does the app require me to put in my credit card details to start using it?

No. We do not charge you anything separately. The charges for this app would be added to your monthly billing cycle from Shopify.

If I have to cancel my subscription to Primary Parcel app, how do I do it?

Your subscription with Primary Parcel will be automatically cancelled when you delete or uninstall the app from your Shopify store. However, you will have to send an email about the same to our customer support.

If I am currently in any billing plan and I switch to Test Mode, will I be charged?

Yes. Test Mode is only for debugging and testing purpose. Test Mode has nothing to do with charges. However, in Free Trial, you will NOT be billed.

How do I change my current plan?

If your account criteria matches the plan, then you can manually change the plan from ‘Change Plan’ section within the app.

If I want to add more Fulfillment Services or Common Rates than currently offered in my billing plan, how can I do that?

You can add more Fulfillment Services, Blended Rate or Products to your store. Post adding, the app will notify you to upgrade your current plan. If not upgraded within 7 days, the app will switch to Test Mode and you will be billed as per your current plan.

Do you have a customized plan?

Yes. We can customize a pricing plan to suit your requirements. You can get in touch with our support team for the same.


If I start using Primary Parcel, will there be any changes in my theme or If I change the theme, will it affect the app’s functionality?

No. Primary Parcel will neither affect your existing theme nor get affected by any theme changes.

Can I show a custom message at checkout?

No. We cannot display any custom message at checkout.

If I want to show shipping rates in my cart, is it possible using Primary Parcel?

This feature is not available by default. However, we can assist you in it’s implementation if required. You can get in touch with our support team for the same.

I have a Shopify Plus account, will this app work?

Yes. Primary Parcel works with both – Shopify and Shopify Plus accounts.