Everything You Need To Know About Our Blended Rate Feature

When your customer chooses several products which belong to different Fulfillment Services, Primary Parcel will calculate a combined cost as per the each of the products pre-defined methods and display a blended (common) shipping rate to customer at checkout page. The app will add together the preferred methods from each Fulfillment Services in a cart and display a blended (a single common) rate.

The steps to allocate a preferred method for each Fulfillment Services, in each zone are given below:

  • Click the ‘View Methods’ button against any of the Zone under the selected Fulfillment Service.
  • A section for Blended (Common) Rates will be shown at the end section of the page.
  • Click on ‘Add New Blended (Common) Rate’.
    • Add the name for the Blended (Common) Rate.
    • Is title override with Specific Rate Title – Select Yes/No, to change the title for the rate. This method title will override with Specific Rate title in checkout page. This can be enabled under only 1 Fulfillment Service. If enabled for both; the one in force will be displayed above the field.
  • After saving, the added method will be visible under the Blended (Common) Rates section.

Note: Blended (Common) Rate added for a Zone, will display under All Fulfillment Services.

After this Blended (Common) rate is added, select the Specific Rate that will be applicable for this Blended (Common) Rate. For every particular Zone under a Fulfillment Service, a drop down with the specific rates will be given, from which you can select the Blended (Common) Rate to be applied (i.e. the specific rates). Multiple Blended (Common) Rates can be added under any Zone. Under each Fulfillment Service, the rate to be applied will be selected for the Blended (Common) Rate to display on the website/app when a cart contains items from varied Fulfillment Services.

If the Blended (Common) Rate for a Zone is not selected under all (should be More than 1) the related Fulfillment Services, the Blended (Common) Rate will not be displayed to customer at checkout page.

For example – A cart contains items for Zone 1 under Fulfillment Service A and Fulfillment Service B; a method under the Blended (Common) Rate has been selected for Zone 1, under Service A, but it’s not selected under Service B. So, in this case, a Blended (Common) Rate will not be displayed at checkout to a customer.

If a specific method is selected under both the Fulfillment Services, the Blended (Common) Rate would be a total of both the rates applicable.

Blended Rate is calculated for individual Fulfillment Items. Taking an Example:

Fulfillment Services:

Small and Light Items
By Item
First Item: $2.00 | Per additional item: $3.00
Optional Additional Charge: $0.50

Big and Odd Items
By Price
Percent of Total Price: 10%
Min Price: $4.00 | Max Price: $40.00

An order contains 3 items of Small and Light Fulfillment Service costing $25 total and 4 items of Big and Odd Items costing $60 total.

The Shipment Cost in this case will be:
Small and Light: 2 + 3 + 3 + 0.5 = $8.5
Big and Odd: 60* 10% = $6
So the blended shipment rate for the order will be 8.5 + 6 = $14.5

A Blended (Common) Rate helps to prevent confusion in the minds of customer with too many shipment options and a complicated calculation, also saving your time and errors.

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