Editing Common Rule

If a customer has added products in his cart which belongs to different Fulfillment Services, and it belongs to the same Zone, you can allow them Free Shipping on the totaled amount of both the Fulfillment Services.


This differs from the Free Shipment allowed when setting up a rate method. When you add a Free Shipment limit under a Fulfillment Service (Manage Fulfillment Service > Select Fulfillment Service > View Method > Add/Edit Method), the Free Shipment will be applicable to products in an order under 1 Fulfillment Service.


But, setting a Free Shipment limit from here, it will be applicable for the total amount of the Cart for the Selected Fulfillment Services.



4 Products in Cart:
Product 1: Cost $4
Fulfillment Service A – Free Shipment above $5


Product 2: Cost $7
Fulfillment Service B – Free Shipment above $6


Product 3: Cost $9
Fulfillment Service C – Free Shipment above $7


Product 4: Cost $5
Fulfillment Service D – Free Shipment above $8


Combined Free Shipment Rate anything above $15 will be eligible for Free Shipping, for Fulfillment Services B, C and D.


Prerequisite: Common Rates are setup for all Fulfillment Services.

Scenario 1: Product 1 is in a cart. Free Shipping will not be an option as the Cost is below $5.


Scenario 2: Product 1, 2 and 3 are in a cart. Shipment cost will only be calculated for Product 1 as for Product 2 and 3; the cost is above the Free Shipping limit, i.e. $6 and $7.


Note: Combined Rate will not be applicable as Fulfillment Service A is not selected for combined free shipping.


Scenario 3: Product 2 and 3, are in a cart. Free Shipping will be available as Fulfillment Services allowed for Free Shipping and the cart value is above $15.


Scenario 4: Product 2, 3 and 4 are in a cart. Free Shipping will be available as, even though Product 4 does not cross the individual free shipping limit, the total combined cost of the 3 products (A, B and C) is above the combined limit, i.e. $15


So, even when the individual limit of free shipment (for a Fulfillment Service) is not being surpassed, if the combined limit is crossed, the customer can avail Free Shipping on their order.