Avoid These Common Shipping Mistakes

Every e-commerce business needs to have an impeccable shipping strategy. In between planning other aspects of your e-commerce business, you often miss out of digging deep into the shipping related dos and don’ts.
Let’s read about some of the most common mistakes every e-commerce business owner tends to commit. This will help you in identifying those areas which might otherwise go unattended and save time and money.

Ignoring strong packaging
Half of the shipment problems are caused due to improper and poor packaging. Having a professional packaging team helps in reducing the damage and losses to a great extent. Having dedicated boxes for every size and type of product with sufficient cushioning is the way to go.
Not offering customers shipping options
One size doesn’t fit all – whether you’re selling any apparel or providing any service. Some customer might be ready to wait for a longer time and get free shipping, while others would want a fast delivery option at any cost.

Business owners should be flexible and design different shipping methods in order to provide customers complete value for their money.

Ignoring Customer Feedback
When a customer sends you a feedback about how their package arrived, do listen. They’re the best source of learning about how well or dissatisfactory your delivery has been. If you constantly hear complaints about your delivery, it’s time to shift to a better (and maybe expensive) delivery option.

Whereas, if your customers are surprisingly delighted with your quick delivery, it means you are exceeding their expectations. This means you can look for some slower (which also maybe more affordable) delivery option. 

Sufficient Packaging Supplies
Many a times you run out of packaging supplies – say boxes. In order to deliver on time, you pack it in a bigger box available at the moment, not realizing this might increase your shipment cost because of dimensional weight pricing. A small change can also lead to a big difference in your shipment costs.

We’ll be discussing more points or mistakes in our upcoming blogs. If you have any questions about Shopify Shipping calculations, please feel free to get in touch with our experts at support@primarysoftware.com or call at +1- (518) 380-2799.

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